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CenterGate® Research is a group of entrepreneurial developers and engineers working on creating products and solutions designed to improve infrastructure performance for distributed computing.

CenterGate exists to improve the world of distributed computing.

The scope of CenterGate is as broad as the interests of its talented team. CenterGate funds and fosters the creative ideas of its founder, Rodney Joffe pairing his genius for technological innovation with the precise programming skills of some of the best minds in networking, systems engineering and software development.

CenterGate management pairs Rodney's strengths with the entrepreneurial vision and experience of angel investor Ron Lachman who brings his own zeal and enthusiasm to the business of marketing technology solutions. A developer himself, Ron mentors the CenterGate scientists in the product development process and oversees CenterGate business initiatives.

From enhancing fundamental Internet architecture services, such as the CenterGate UltraDNS system, to improving the desktop productivity of the individual user through the eFridge® online calendar, CenterGate is doing what others dream of, developing the solutions we all want and need.

Our latest adventure is Catbird Networks, a whole new breed of monitoring and measuring system for distributed computing.

"Technology so advanced, even we don't understand it!" ®

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Catbird Networks - We watch the Net-Work, so you don't have to!
"We watch the Net-Work, so you don't have to!"
Driven By UltraDNS

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