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The CenterGate® associates are specialists in the fields of network engineering, programming and infrastructure. As members of the consortium, the associates often collaborate on group projects that merge specific expertise with global challenges.

Funded and directed by Rodney Joffe and Ron Lachman, who long envisioned funding a consortium where they could access the creative brainpower of Internet engineers to sustain the product development of their own concepts, CenterGate combines the support of an incubator with the rewards of an investor group.

Managed by Chief Scientist Steve Hotz, CenterGate encourages its associates to develop new product and project initiatives, sustaining such efforts by underwriting the research and development process. With Rodney's talent for solution development, Ron's mastery of business channels and Steve's oversight and expertise for funded research and development projects, CenterGate associates have full management backing and an open opportunity to fully apply their talents.

J.D. Austin, IV, Staff Engineer

Ezra Goldman, V.P. Business Development

Gregory Gooden, Design & Usability Specialist

Michael A. Hotz, Staff Scientist

Steve Hotz, Chief Scientist

Rodney Joffe, President, Founder and Investor

Ron Lachman, Co-founder and Investor

Nick Maine, Staff Engineer

William (Bill) Manning, Consulting Scientist

Patrick Mullins, Staff Engineer

Alec Peterson, Staff Scientist

Ian Potts, Web Specialist

Dan Roberts, Technology Counsel / Staff Engineer

Elliot Yan, Staff Scientist


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