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CenterGate® is a different dimension in solutions development, and CenterGate Collaboration is the door for any developer or scientist to knock upon and seek entry.

If you have an idea you would like to develop, please continue reading.

Warning-reading by a frustrated engineering employee may elicit eerie feelings of professional déjà vu.

CenterGate exists because its founder, Rodney Joffe realized that the profitability of a single company often limited the development opportunities afforded to bright employees.

Those who live with the network and see the problems are best suited to uncover optimal solutions. But often, the large companies (where issues are best observed) are not in the business of bringing network engineering innovations to the marketplace.

Why does a man like Alec Peterson build a giant backbone system and come to work for CenterGate?

Because even the smartest scientist at an ISP cannot demand corporate development investment in serious system changes when such innovation is not the core mission of the business.

Rodney Joffe left GTE Internetworking determined to bring intelligent improvements to infrastructure design. Working with the gifted team at Genuity, he led the development of Hopscotch and it's counterpart Vortex, products that were heralded, awarded and cited as optimal in performance and application.

But truth be told, big companies aren't going to make the Internet a better place for all of us or improve the whole realm of distributed computing. As they should, businesses exist to serve their own profitability goals by delivering the best solution to their customers. Those solutions are generally proprietary, narrowly developed and cultivated to yield marketplace advantage.

As a developer's consortium, CenterGate Associates share in the profits of concepts developed by the team of scientists. Your concept and your work may benefit all of us.

If you have an idea, a proposal, a serious concept or a critical observation about ways to improve network computing, and would like CenterGate to consider funding your research efforts, please contact for appropriate next steps.


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