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CenterGate® Research is a developer's dream, not just because it is the right toolkit from which to build solutions, but because the entire team is motivated to collaborate on networking innovations.

At CenterGate, we specialize in developing solutions that are then defined as products, and either sold or licensed to interested companies. We also work on a retained basis, creating proprietary infrastructure solutions.

CenterGate Product Solutions

Catbird Networks - We watch the Net-Work, so you don't have to!
We watch the Net-Work, so you don't have to!
Catbird Networks

Monitoring and measurement of your Internet needs in a whole new way!
When it comes to interactions over the Internet seconds can be a lifetime and failed connections can spell more than lost profits. Catbird Networks provides an easy to use web based tool to diagnose, maintain, and improve Web sites, Email Systems, Database Systems, and of course the all important DNS records.

Catbird Networks – We watch the Net-Work, so you don't have to!

eFridge eFridge®

A personal, free, web-based online calendar that can be publicly published to support use by groups (your team, colleagues or family) or subscriptions by authorized users (for churches, schools, leagues, clubs).

The best way to keep track of dates, appointments, events, birthdays and it's all online!

Demo eFridge at

Better yet, Create your Own Efridge Calendar now at

GeekTools GeekTools

A service to the web community, GeekTools is a centralized posting of helpful tools. All of the tools are capable of being used by any browser including LYNX, with minimal color (16) and minimal resolution (640 x 480), with no cookies, or Java, for internal use.

GeekTools includes: whois, ultraDNS, traceroute, calculators, software, spam tools, and Geek Hotels (real places to stay with great connectivity when traveling). All of the GeekTools are free, available and current.
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