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Being outstanding has certain rewards.

When a group of engineering developers creates a company, people don't have to go into the office; they live their lives and do what they do best; think. Our scientists telecommute from their homes according to the hours and requirements of their projects.

So Steve Hotz's CenterGate® day begins about 3pm PST, just about the time Alec Peterson goes running in Baltimore. Teams set their own schedule; brilliance doesn't typically happen in 8-hour shifts. At CenterGate, we live more digitally and more productively than most, and convene at least quarterly in our Phoenix main office.

Everyone who works for CenterGate has something in common; bright thinking. You may be a systems specialist, a security strategist, an elegant programmer, or all three. You may love to untangle infrastructure congestion, or build new datacenters, or architect systems solutions.

You may be the person with the next great CenterGate idea.

CenterGate doesn't post positions, because our opportunities for work come from the ideas our people generate. This has the resulting good fortune of always being able to welcome resumes and consider candidates for what they offer, instead of what a specific project needs.

It makes for interesting reading, and CenterGate may be interested in you.

Send your resume, c.v., vitae or bio to hr1@CenterGate.com.

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