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Gregory Gooden, Design & Usability Specialist

Gregory Gooden

With over 10 years experience in the online technologies world, Gregory Gooden serves as the Design and Usability Specialist for CenterGate® Research. He is responsible for the design, implementation and user interface of CenterGate's web-based applications.

Gregory is the President and CEO of, Inc., an Internet Technologies company specializing in community development, application design and web hosting. Annex, a company he founded in January of 1992, has its roots in the BBS technologies that were prevalent before the advent of commercial internet use.

One of his latest developments, Ecobuilder, is a web-based community development tool for instant intranets, extranets and online communities.

Gregory is contracted by the Microsoft Network as the Community Manager for the Internet Center and as a server specialist for the private community management areas.

His many and varied skills include the administration of an Internet Service Provider on Windows/NT platforms, NT network administration, graphic design, web design and ColdFusion development.

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