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J.D. Austin, IV, Staff Engineer

JD Austin

JD Austin serves as Staff Engineer for CenterGate® Research and is one of the key developers on eFridge® as well as Safeeps. He is responsible for programming and implementation of product development features.

JD hails from Montana and before joining CenterGate worked in the educational computing arena for the Mesa Public Schools and East Valley Institute of Technology, managing and creating programs for systems administration and student recruitment.

With a diverse computing background, JD is an OS/2 specialist whose expertise includes several operating systems (DOS, all Windows platforms, OS/2, Linux and other Unix variants, VM370, M.U.S.I.C. and MVS), and languages including BASIC, COBOL, ASSEMBLY (Z80 and 6502), REXX, PASCAL , C++ (Visual C++, Borland C++), and PERL. JD has also written web-based applications using PERL, C++, PHP, basic shell scripts, and HTML using Oracle and MySQL databases.

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