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Rodney Joffe, President, Founder and Investor

Rodney Joffe

Rodney Joffe is the Chairman, Founder and Chief Technology Officer of UltraDNS Corporation. His operational responsibilities include defining and guiding the development of all technical initiatives within the company, as well as interaction with the standards bodies and working groups in the IETF, telecommunications, and network world.

Mr Joffe has been involved in the IT world since 1973 when he trained as a systems analyst and programmer in the Pensions Actuarial group of the Old Mutual Life Insurance Company in Cape Town, South Africa. After co-founding Printronic Corporation of America (UK) Pty. LTD. in London, England, in 1977, he opened American Computer Group (ACG) - the first of his US based companies - in Los Angeles in 1983. He is still very involved in ACG as both the Chairman and acting CEO. ACG is one of the leading Data Processing Service Bureaus in the Direct Response advertising and marketing industry.

In the early 1990's, following the NSF disgorgement of commercial Internet traffic from the NSFNet, He launched Internet Media Network as the Internet division of ACG. In March of 1994, he established the first web-based online presence of a traditional mail-order company, Robert Redford's Sundance Catalog. In 1996 in partnership with Bechtel Enterprises, Internet Media Network was renamed Genuity, which then went on to became one of the largest ISP Data Center Operators in the world. The company was driven by Hopscotch™, invented and patented by Mr Joffe, and the very first formal content distribution and load balancing technology. He remained as the Chief Technical Officer of Genuity until the end of 1997 when Genuity was acquired by GTE Corporation. He was then appointed Vice-President, Strategic Technologies, and Chief Technology Officer of the Business Services division of GTE Internetworking.

Following his retirement from GTE Internetworking in 1999, he returned to Phoenix, Arizona, where he founded CenterGate Research Group, a technology think-tank that became the birthplace of UltraDNS, Catbird Networks, and a number of community focused services including GeekTools and the project.

Mr. Joffe sits on the boards of a number of other technology companies, including Scientific Monitoring, an aerospace software company, and Plasmanet, one of the largest Internet database marketing networks.

In addition to his corporate activities, Mr. Joffe is a member of the Faculty Advisory Board of the USC Viterbi School of Engineering in Los Angeles, and the Advisory Board of the Postel Center at USC/ISI. He also serves on the ICANN SSAC (Security and Stability Advisory Committee) and is a member of the 2005 ICANN Nominating Committee.

Mr. Joffe is actively engaged in a number of Internet working groups and committees, including the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force), OARC (Operations, Analysis, and Research Center), NANOG (North American Network Operators’ Group), and ARIN (American Registry for Internet Numbers). He is involved in a number of initiatives to ensure the future of the Internet and is highly visible in the ongoing fight against spam, and similar attacks on Internet infrastructure and personal privacy.

Mr. Joffe is an avid classic and race car driver and collector.

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