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Ron Lachman, Co-founder and Investor

Ron currently serves as a senior advisor/board member capacity to thirteen different technology companies in the fields of distributed computing and Internet commerce.

Investments and Current Involvements

Ron is President of Kinetech, his technology investment & patent holding company with Ezra Goldman. Kinetech, Inc. is also doing business as Lachman / Goldman Ventures.

Internet Dynamics at developed the Conclave product. This product allows "fine grain" security management for your information and the network. It integrates firewall, certificate manager, VPN, remote access and Intranet security. Ron is a co-founder.

2Bridge Software at is creator of an electronic publishing product called 2Share. It allows real-time collaboration of authors/contributors to create high production value electronic publications. Ron is a co-founder/director.

Connected Corporation at is the provider of VirtualMIS and Connected Online Backup service that allow corporations to backup, restore and maintain their PCs across intranets and the Internet and extend their IT support practices to the edges of a distributed enterprise. Ron is a director and near-founder.

Sandpiper Networks at is a network service that transparently moves web-site content close to its users, reducing bandwidth and management. Ron is co-founder.

Santa Cruz Operations at is the owner of UNIX, and popular server software. Ron is a director.

Telemedia Devices at is the maker of "FreezeDry" Java, that creates 12x smaller byte codes than Sun and a full Java interpreter for consumer products and embedded systems that is under 20k bytes.

Computer Systems Development at is an instruction, consulting, integration and outsourcing Services Company. Ron is a director and near-founder.

Nexiv, formerly known as Webstyles at is an Internet services and technology company focusing on creating electronic communities. Ron is a director.

Technically Elite at develops technology to monitor your network, and markets RMON hardware and software.

Alpine Microsystems at is a new Silicon on silicon IC packaging / circuit board specializing in multi-layer silicon circuitry and novel packaging.

etComm at is an electronic meter reading product & technology. Also with Metering Technology, another company that creates electronic meters using etComm chips.

Whitebarn Studios at is a consulting company with strengths in networking system software and website design. Ron is a director.

Aliroo at is an Israeli company specializing in graphics encryption, recoverable encryption and hidden digital signatures of printed paper documents, and generalized client encryption technologies.

CenterGate® Research Group, an Internet Think Tank, creators of online calendar and UltraDNS Domain Name Service at . Ron is a director of CenterGate.

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